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Having retired over 10 years ago I have spent my retirement discovering who I am and finding ways to ensure that I am healthy and happy in my 3rd age. So many people allow old age to happen. We have a tendency to "expect" old age to creep up on us. Arthritis, dementia, cancer, diabetes are all afflictions of old age that many of us think are inevitable. It is my belief that if we live a life on purpose and don't leave it to chance then all of these things are avoidable.

Prior to retiring I was a headteacher of a center for pupils with emotional and behavioral problems a job that not only left me stressed out but also affected my overall health. I have 3 grown up children and I am now a grandmother to 4 delightful grandchildren with another on the way later this year. I want to enjoy good health in my 3rd age so that I can enjoy my family and spend time with my husband playing tennis, walking and travelling

I work hard at keeping fit and healthy and want to share my story with you through this website. It is my hero's journey to a healthier and more fulfilled life

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