Eat and Lose Weight

There seems to be a common misconception amongst people on weight loss diets , that they need to starve themselves to lose weight. On the contrary starving yourself can actually have the opposite effect, as your body readjusts its metabolic rate to cope with the sudden change in eating habits and you may even gain weight or at best stay the same weight.

It is now widely accepted that you must eat to lose weight and by that I mean there is no need to go hungry. A purposeful and informed way of eating is essential for both your weight loss and your overall health.

By chance, a Frenchman called Michel Montignac, came across some statistical investigations into diabetes, which revealed that 80% of all diabetics are obese. He decided to investigate further to see if both ailments had the same origin.

What he discovered was that weight loss occurs when you eat food with a low glycemic index. The people with type 2 diabetes are suffering from something called hyperinsulinism. When they started to eat a diet made up of low glycemic foods not only did their symptoms improve but they also lost weight.

Montignac makes it quite clear that he believes that we don’t put weight on because we eat too much, we put weight on because we eat the wrong type of foods. It is vital therefore to eat healthily and to be aware of the food we are eating and its value to our health and well being

The Montignac method is a way of eating that is now scientifically supported. There also now many other versions of the GI diet available through Amazon. Unfortunately the original book by Michel Montignac is not currently available I can recommend another book that has taken the GI diet one step further and instead looks at the Glycemic Load (GL) of food. The author Patrick Holford, is an eminent nutritionist in the UK and has authored many books on the subject of natural health and weight loss

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