Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infections can have a debilitating affect on those who suffer from this embarrassing condition. Women in particular can find this condition very difficult. During the summer months they are more inclined to hide their feet than to wear pretty open toed sandals. Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) affects about 3% of the population in varying degrees. It is more likely to affect the toenails than the fingernails and statistically affects more men than women.

It is thought that the infection is caused by the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot. There are in fact several different types of fungal nail infections ranging from nails that lift and eventually fall off to nails that resemble a hard creamy colored crumbly substance. The skin around the nail can become red and inflamed, but this is not always the case. Whatever the scenario, the nails look unsightly and the person with the infection is not likely to want other people to see them

Unfortunately hiding the feet away, and covering them with socks and shoes, especially in the summer, provides the fungus with the warm moist conditions it needs to survive and grow. One of the best conditions for the nails is fresh air

Fungal nail infections can often be contracted in places like swimming pools or anywhere where there are public showers. It is a particularly difficult infection to treat and get rid if so taking precautions not to get it in the first place would be a wise move. However if you are unfortunate enough to see the telltale signs, then my advice would be to act quickly. As someone who is a sufferer of a fungal nail infection I know how quickly it can take hold if not eradicated immediately

People with a compromised immune system are often more susceptible so again ensuring that you keep in good overall health will help you to fight any possible infection in the future.



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  1. Thanks for this truly informative post. I suffered from toenail fungus before and it was certainly a horrible experience. I can’t enjoy going outdoors because I can’t wear sandals due to my discolored and brittle nails. If I’m not mistaken I contracted my fungus from a gym shower room as I am an athlete. It started out small but, it eventually spread on my other toenails. I’ve tried different kinds of treatments but none of them provided long term relief, until I discovered a product called fungusil. It’s truly effective because after just two weeks of application, my toenail fungus disappeared. I hope others will try it as well.

  2. Thanks Helga – I am glad you had success with Fungusil. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me and I have found Zeta Clear to be more effective

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