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Most people would say it is the absence of disease, but I would like to think that it is more than that. I know that although I have no obvious health issues that affect my quality of life, I do have one or two niggling problems that I have “learned to live with” and now they are just the norm, part of who I am and nothing to cause me any concern. So am I healthy? My answer would have to be I am reasonably healthy. But do I experience optimal health? The answer to this would have to be a resounding “no”. I guess this would be the same for most people who think they are healthy enough. The sad thing is we have become content with that fact and we no longer see the need to improve our average healthy condition.

Having a passion for optimal health, means that I read health articles and health books above most other things. What I have come to realize through reading these articles is that first and foremost you need to be 100% sure of the authority behind the articles. Are they written by somebody whose opinion you can trust? Are they trying to sell you a product or an idea that they will benefit from financially?

Optimal health is more than just feeling in tip top condition. Optimal health means that your body is less likely to succumb to the ravages of age and degenerative disease. The healthier your body then the healthier your immune system will be.

What causes disease is a question that has puzzled me for years, not just what causes it but why some people get ill and others don’t. It is generally accepted in alternative circles that disease is caused by a toxic overload. Toxicity is quite simply the body’s waste, and in the case of disease the body has lost its ability to cope with it. It can be caused by; normal metabolic waste; too many acid forming food; environmental pollution; heavy metals; and the chemicals the body produces under stress. If the routes of elimination are congested then the toxicity is stored elsewhere in the body and shows itself, for example, as high blood pressure, arthritis or ME.

The most common way of treating chronic illness is to suppress it with drugs. The alternative is to allow it to run its course and supporting the body through the illness with rest, special diets, and simple techniques. The body needs to find the vitality to clear the toxicity through the various routes of elimination to prevent a more serious illness from manifesting in the future. This can take time and sustained effort on behalf of the patient

Unfortunately we live in a culture of “the quick fix”. We don’t like being ill and are often too eager to visit the doctor for the magic potion that will make us better in the least time possible. It would appear that we have lost the art of convalescence. We push our bodies to the extremes and then wonder why we are constantly tired all the time and why so much time is lost in the work force through sick leave.

Detox diets are quite fashionable today and if followed sensibly at least give the body a rest from the foods that challenge us the most and at best encourage the body to rid itself of toxins/waste products, that may have been stored for many years. However it is vital to ensure that you follow a sensible detoxification plan that is suited to your needs. It is no use going on a 5 day fast if you are going to be following a hectic schedule at work. It is also important, if you have any “condition” that is being monitored by your doctor that you check any detox plans that you may have with him or her first. A detox can be simply avoiding certain foods that may be unhelpful and introducing other foods that will aid the detox process.

If you really want to experience optimal health then a well planned detox is a very good place to start

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