Keeping a Weight Loss Diary

Having run a slimming club for 2 years – I became very aware of the number of people who were constantly surprised that they had failed to lose weight. When I questioned them about what they had eaten over a 2/3 day period I began to realise that most people have very short memories and can easily and conveniently forget about the odd biscuit here and there and the mug of hot chocolate they had before they went to bed. It is these snacks and occasional drinks that make it very difficult to successfully lose weight.

When I eventually trained as a nutritionist and started to help people on an individual basis to lose weight I would always insist that part of the weight loss program should be to keep a diary of all the food and drink consumed each day. As a weight loss coach this was valuable information. If a client had failed to lose weight, I was able to see immediately what the problem was.

The reasons for lack of weight loss are not always about the odd biscuit or hot chocolate. Sometimes it can be due to insufficient protein at each of the meals or maybe even not eating often enough or not eating enough at each meal. All of this things are important for a healthy and successful weight loss.

If you are just thinking about starting a weight loss regime it is also a good idea to start your food diary now. Very often this can be the spur that is needed. Once you see how bad your diet is you will soon start to make the necessary changes to help you to lose weight

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