Lose Weight by Eating Right for Your Body Type

It is now more widely accepted that there are certainly body types that find losing body fat more difficult than other body types. So what exactly are these body types and which type finds losing body fat so difficult and why?

Back in the 1940’s, an American psychologist called Dr. William H Sheldon, became interested in the study of human body types. He devoted his life to observing how body types were related to temperaments. As a result of his research, Sheldon developed a system to classify the body types. He called it SOMATOTYPING.

Sheldon identified three distinct body types:

1. Mesomorphs – are the genetically gifted types who are lean, muscular and naturally athletic.
2. Endomorphs – are the fat retainers. They have a round body shape and large joints (they are “big boned”) and they often have great difficulty losing body fat.
3. Ectomorphs – these types are the lean, skinny types. They are usually very thin and bony, with fast metabolisms and extremely low body fat.

The endomorph body type is the slimmer’s nightmare. However it is not impossible for endomorphs to lose weight if they are prepared to follow the guidelines.

Luckily there are many techniques an endomorph can use to increase their ability lose weight, including adjustments to their training program. Training is similar to nutrition, if you train the wrong way for your body type, you will not get the results you were hoping for.

Endomorphs will only fall short of their weight loss goals if they fail to adjust their program according to their genetics. They can lose weight provided they stick to the rules of their diet plan and adhere to the correct exercise regime

Endomorphs tend to be carbohydrate intolerant and so they need to remove processed and refined carbs from their diet. This is particularly true of white sugar and white flour products, as they rapidly converts them into body fat. The endomorph would be advised to follow a diet which provided between no more than 30-40% carbohydrates and 20-30 % fats and 40% protein.

Once they have started on this dietary regime it is important to fine tune the ratios to ensure that they are achieving their desired goals and losing body fat.

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