Overcoming Childhood Obesity

An article in the Washington Post on February 20th 2009, reports that a new initiative has been unveiled to help childhood obesity. The initiative, which is spearheaded by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, is designed to give children better access to health care to help fight obesity. The children concerned will have a 4 visits to a dietician and 4 visits to a doctor paid for by participating insurance companies. The hope is that these sessions will help by giving them advise on healthy eating enabling them to lose weight.

Health Ranger Mike Adams voices concerns that dieticians do not have the necessary training to help these children. He comments that many of them do not appreciate that there is a nutritional difference between raw and cooked foods and therefore is skeptical about the value of the help they may be able to give

Whilst it is clear that the parents of obese children need educating in the understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet, there is understandable concern about who, if anyone, is eligible to ensure that the parents get good, sound advice from somebody who really knows what they are talking about. Tho whole family needs to be prepared to make dietary changes if the child is to follow a successful weight loss regime

Very often the best person to advise on a health issue of any kind is somebody who has suffered that complaint themselves and has found a natural healthy way to solve it

I recently read a review of an ebook called “Overcoming Childhood Obesity” by Julia Pearce. Julia was herself an overweight child and experienced the humiliation of being taunted and teased about her weight. This book covers:-

  • The causes and symptoms of childhood obesity
  • The impact obesity can have on children
  • What you can do specifically to help your child overcome their obesity and lose weight
  • How to introduce better eating habits
  • How to get your child interested in exercise
  • Plus, how to help your child keep the weight off for good and much, much more!

Commenting on her book, Julia says

This is the guide I wish my parents had access to when I was growing up – Things would have been so much easier for me.”

If you have a child who is overweight why not help them to lose weight now and ensure that they don’t become an obese adult with potentially life threatening health problems.

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