Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss and Longevity

  According to Dr Mercola intermittent fasting can help you to lose weight and increase your longevity. However before embarking on any diet regime you need to be properly informed to ensure that you embark on a healthy regime that is going to improve your health and well-being. There are so many fad diets out […]

The Diet Solution Program

A Free Weight Loss ebook

Why do so many people struggle with weight loss?? One of the main reasons is the over abundance of conflicting information. From the Atkins Diet to the Grapefruit Diet, how on earth are we to decide which one is the best one for each of us? I have done lots of research into weigh loss […]

Are you Confused About Low Carb Foods?

 Low Carb Diets are Good for Your Health Many diets today advocate a diet low in carbohydrates. This is a particularly healthy diet as it essentially cuts out the sugar from your diet as well as other foods that are easily converted into sugar The best way to stick to a low carbohydrate diet is […]

10 Ways To Ensure You Lose Weight Fast

Anybody who has ever been overweight wants to lose weight fast? But with so many fad diets around promising fast weight lost the the consensus of opinion tends to be that losing weight fast is not advisable as it usually results in you regaining that weight and more just as quickly when you find you […]

Xylitol the Miracle Sugar Substitute.

Most of us have succumbed to the craving for sugar and something sweet at sometime in our lives. The problems occur when we don’t do any thing to curb those cravings. If we constantly give in to them over the years then it is possible that we may become the victims of diseases such as […]

Anti-aging Regimes Require a Multifactoral Approach

Having recently reached the age where the title OAP seems both scary and yet seemingly inappropriate (my idea of what constitutes an OAP is a million miles away from how I currently see myself) my attention has been focused on the topics of aging and anti aging. How much of the aging process do we […]

3 Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

Despite the fact that there is more information available on weight loss than any other time in history, we are still seeing a rise in obesity. All the information available to us doesn’t seem to be having any impact on the mistakes people are making on a daily basis. Unfortunately these mistakes are resulting in […]

5 ways to get rid of that stubborn body fat

Have you ever been on a weight loss program and no matter what you eat and how much exercise you do, that stubborn body fat around your middle just refuses to budge?? If so join the club! So many people I meet, especially young active mums who are trying to lose weight post pregnancy, all […]

Keeping a Weight Loss Diary

Having run a slimming club for 2 years – I became very aware of the number of people who were constantly surprised that they had failed to lose weight. When I questioned them about what they had eaten over a 2/3 day period I began to realise that most people have very short memories and […]

Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Obesity

According to an article printed today in Sky News the cases of Diabetes in the UK have “jumped 60% in a decade” The article goes on to say that newly released figures found that obesity was fuelling the soaring rates and that the increases in the UK were currently higher than in the US. The […]