Your Fat Loss Resolution

With the New Year just a couple of weeks ago it is very likely that many of you will already have given up on your New Years Resolutions. Perhaps you resolution was to lose weight, but the recent cold weather just wasn’t conducive to going on a diet and walking to work just wasn’t an option!

New Year’s Resolutions can be viewed in the same light as goal setting, where the achievement or otherwise is generally measured in success or failure. Personally I don’t consider this to be very helpful and would therefore be more inclined to avoid any resolutions or goals rather than risk the feeling of failure if I don’t manage to stick to them.

However, recently I read an article on goal setting that had more of an appeal for me, the reason being it made it seems more achievable.

This is the message I took from that article:-


It doesn’t matter how big or how small this effort has to be. It just has to be SOMETHING. So every day that passes in your life you will incrementally be closer to getting everything you want. It’s a simple, yet powerful concept.

What I particularly like about this concept is that you can take one day at a time. I am a firm believer in “living in the present moment” and this concept allows me to do just that.

If, for example, your goal is to lose weight, then each day you can do something towards that weight loss goal. It maybe something as simple as walking instead of taking the car or maybe increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

For some people who need to lose weight, the prospect of having to lose “2 stone before Easter” can be a real stumbling block. When we are faced with such a difficult time limited goal it often seems so overwhelming that it’s much easier to just put off starting it until another day. And of course, only too often, that day never comes.

So it is worth remembering that if you want to improve your health or lose weight you must be taking an action every single day that contributes towards your ultimate goal. But the important thing to remember is that you goal for that day is just to do one or two things towards your ultimate goal. So each day you manage to achieve that smaller goal you will experience success. If, for what ever reason, you don’t manage to achieve that smaller goal, don’t despair, you can try again tomorrow

Try not to let a single day go by when you aren’t making at least SOME incremental progress towards your fat loss goal or resolution and you will discover over time that it will undoubtedly change your life for the better.

Achieve your goal now the easy way, taking one step at a time using my tips for losing weight .

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